Winners of the 2020 edition!

  • The list of the winners of the 2020 edition can be found here.

  • Congratulations to all the candidates! The AJFS Editorial Committee has been very impressed by the overall quality of the essays.

  • Due to the large number of applications (1000+), this 2020 edition has been very competitive: several high schools and universities are unfortunately not ranked in the top 20.

  • If you do not see your school or college, we encourage you to re-apply in 2021 as we intend to increase the number of winners over the next few years.

  • It should  also be noticed that schools with numerous candidates (e.g. 100+ students from Lafayette High School, LA) have produced more winners than other schools in the 2020 ranking. The 40 students below represent the top 4% of the applicants of the 2020 edition.

  • Checks will be mailed, and free 1-year subscriptions to TV 5 Monde will be emailed. Due to COVID-19, we expect checks to be delivered in August by USPS.

  • 30%  of the essays received (~300 students) will be published in print and 90% (~900 students) online by July 1, 2020. You are invited to support us: subscribe to receive your printed copy of the 2020 edition and access online essays: MEMBERSHIP

CORONOVIRUS – COVID-19 / UPDATE (August 23, 2020)

Due to the closure of the LSU campus, the American Journal of French Studies will not be able to host the 2020 Awards ceremony at LSU. Due to the rapid spread of the virus in Louisiana, the 2020 Awards ceremony has been definitely cancelled. However, the monetary prizes are maintained and will be sent by mail to the winners. Due to COVID-19, you should expect a delay of one to two months for the delivery of the checks and the TV-5 Monde subscriptions. The publication of the essays on our website is still guaranteed (August 2020) as well as the release of the print edition (September 2020). We will update this section on September 15, 2020.